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Aimorb Pendant Light



  • $195.68

    Mentioned Price is for Single Lamp Base Material: Electroplating Brass & Pure Marble Base Color: Black Marble and Golden Measurement: Height 75 cm, Max Diameter 40 cm Caution: Bulbs Not Included Shade Color & material: White , Acrylic and Linen

  • $122.99

    Product Detail: Featuring simple stem lines and unembellished globes, it creates a minimalist look to help you achieve a comforting and mesmerizing lighting atmosphere. The white shades diffuse light for a soft glow, creating a warm ambience to your home. While the convenient switch ensures easy and quick operation. A round…

  • $110.36

    Product Detail:This pair of Forte Bars Table Lamps will light up your home with contemporary style. The elegant design is composed of brass and black acrylic plates, giving it a modern edge. The square shaped bases and round shades lend these lamps an eye-catching look. Perfect for adding a touch…

  • $98.99

    Product Detail:These elegant Palm Tree Table Lamps (Pair) bring sophisticated style to any room. Crafted from brass and black marble, they feature an intricate design of palm tree leaves in golden color. The linen and acrylic round shade gives them a subtle yet stylish finishing touch. Perfect for adding a…

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Table lamps are used for a variety of purposes in both residential and commercial settings. Here are some common uses for table lamps:

  1. Task Lighting: Table lamps are often used to provide focused lighting for specific tasks. They are commonly placed on desks, worktables, or bedside tables to offer adequate illumination for activities like reading, writing, studying, or working on a computer.
  2. Ambient Lighting: Table lamps emit a softer, warm glow that contributes to the overall ambiance of a room. They are frequently used in living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas where a cozy and inviting atmosphere is desired.
  3. Decorative Accent: Table lamps come in numerous styles, designs, and materials. They are frequently chosen for their aesthetic appeal and can function as decorative accents that enhance the visual appeal of a room. The right table lamp can complement the interior decor and add a touch of style and personality to the space.